Status and Problems

The radio frequency cards, IC cards, magnetic cards, etc widely used over the markets are unable to solve the issues in punching cards; and biometrics like fingerprint are less accurate in recognition because of easy wear and tear or intrinsic indistinctness, and faces fail to be recognized due to photo taking angles or changes in appearance due to elapsed time, which results in less management efficiency; great deviation of time and attendance data and difficulty in maintenance of devices renders it hard to meet the demands of industrial enterprises for time and attendance, and furthermore, they cannot provide accurate grounds for management decision-making in the case of emergency.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

In the light of demands for time and attendance and production safety, IRISIAN applies the iris recognition algorithm it has researched and developed independently to integrate iris recognition technologies, computer networks, applied management software and other technologies, and by one-to-one iris enrollment recognition, it can carry out real-time monitoring of details of production personnel and real-time mastery of number of production personnel and personnel information for work time and attendance check; it receives and verifies accident suspicion information sent from the verification system; records, summarizes, counts and analyzes accident information; and reports accident information to upper level production safety control departments. It is suitable to shift system and shift management for enterprises.

Iris identity recognition technology is the only human body biometric with the highest security and exclusivity in all the current biometrics.
The false accept rate of core algorithm for the “iris recognition” independently researched and developed is one over ten million to prevent and avoid fraudulent substitution by personnel.
It is characteristic of one-off investment with low cost in later stage maintenance. The system enrollment units, recognition units, servers and remote service units are connected by networks. There is no need to do complex wiring work for expansion. It can be connected with the existing computer networks of industrial enterprises to support system expansion or upgrading to avoid repeated investment.
The system is controlled by networks in a distributed manner. All controllers can work independently in the case of interruption of network communication to ensure the reliability of the system in respect of structural forms and control modes.
It is very convenient in device operation and maintenance. The enrollment process can be controlled within 10 seconds; and the recognition process can be quickly finished within 1-2 seconds.
The iris capture devices can collect iris images at the distance of 20cm to avoid the possibility of virus infection brought by physical contact.

System functions

? Real-time record of work hours of production personnel; when production work personnel exceed the rated work hours (with work hours to be determined as the case may be), the system will automatically give accident alarm signals

? to record and summarize time and attendance information of production personnel, accident information, and generate statements to provide data for decision making by leadership

? Real-time and accurate mastery of number of operators at every moment. In the case of any accident, the number of personnel at the areas of accidents can be accurately acquired

? to automatically deliver time and attendance information on the collected personnel to the remote control units’ servers

? to generate time and attendance forms for production personnel

System composition

They consist of personnel’s basic information entry, iris information entry, verification and system initialized units. Recommended products: JH-2500D, which are installed at human resource departments to facilitate centralized capture of iris images and entry of employees’ information by employees.
System iris recognition information capture, recognition, transmission units, and voice prompts
Recommended products: JH-5200A, JH-5200D, JH-5300D, with selection of products as required by industrial functions, which are installed at the entrances and exits for standalone application.
They are central control parts in the system and consist of databases, time and attendance systems, personnel safety monitoring systems and human body biological feature systems used for time and attendance data summary, data backup, statement generation and information reference. The servers can be installed in control rooms or machine rooms, with the servers, registers and identifying units connected via local area networks.
They provide personnel’s safety monitoring and time and attendance and other data printing functions.

Fields of application

power/nuclear power/mining personnel’s time and attendance management;
Devices bearing risks in safety at construction sites: lifts and tower cranes, etc;
Industrial production enterprises, national industrial enterprises’ safety regulatory offices;
Provincial level production safety monitoring departments, offices and safety control centers, etc.

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