JH-5300D|Brief Introduction

JH-5300D is a wall-mounted dual iris time and attendance product researched and developed by IRISIAN. Its three-color light indication, voice indication and 5-inch industrial resistive touch screen can help users enter the focus area quickly. It can capture and recognize high-quality iris images at the same time and finish iris recognition within one second.

JH-5300D adopts a full-metal shell which is dustproof, high temperature resistant, anti-interference and stable. It can go with different models of holders and can be wall mounted, used on desktop and embedded. JH-5300D can ensure high recognition accuracy and realize highly efficient and convenient large-scale ID management for users who only need iris recognition in time and attendance management instead of access control.


? Fast pass and iris recognition can be finished within 1 second

? User-friendly operation with light, voice and widescreen indications

? Accurate recognition with FAR≤1/10 million

? Eye-friendly with no harm to eyes from infrared light

? Non-contact, clean, hygiene and cross infection prevented


? Highly stable as an industry-level solution of All Solid CAP

? Low power consumption as a processing platform for industrial sectors

? Well adapted to environment with the function of working with power on

? Go with multiple interfaces and can be connected with various types of external devices

? Good in heat dispersion and its full-metal shell makes sure that it work stably under harsh circumstances

JH-5300D|Technical Specifications

Way of Operation Standalone Mode/Online Mode Operating Range 160mm-200mm
Way of Recognition Single Iris/Dual Iris Accuracy When FRR=1/1000, FAR≤1/10 million
Operating Temperature -20℃-50℃ Operating Indication Voice and optical guidance
Humidity 20%-80% Interface RJ45、USB2.0、VGA、HDMI
Ambient Light 0-5000Lux Iris Image Comply with the ISO/IEC19794-6:2005 international standards
Time of Enrollment ≤3S Way of Illumination Infrared lighting complies with the IEC/EN 62471 international safety standards
Time of Recognition <1S Dimension 160mm*179mm*54mm
Way to Capture Non-contact automatic triggering Weight 1.5kg
Liquid Crystal Screen 5-inch industrial resistive touch screen Power DC 12V/3A


JH-5300D can be widely adopted in government authorities, the military, public security, banking, medical institutions, educational institutions and companies for employee time and attendance management. It can match up to 10,000 IDs with the 1:N high-precision iris recognition capability, which can effectively realize crowd decentralization to avoid channel congestion when people are on and off duty.

JH-5300D features an industry-level full-metal shell with high intensity and stability, which can ensure normal employee time and attendance management under special circumstances such as abnormal temperatures, humidity and intensity. It can be adopted in underground operation (coal mine), oil drilling platforms, hardware smelting plants, frozen food processing plants and storage warehouses, special industrial products manufacturing plants, etc.

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